If you have a decent printer, it's never been easier to get quality art and photography prints, instantly. Welcome to a pay-and-print system for buying images. The inkjet printer has come a long way in the last 30 years. The technology has evolved, print quality has improved, and printer prices have come down. Acid-free paper and pigment-based inks are easy to find and affordable. With a pay-and-print system you control the quality because you control the materials. It's faster, cheaper, and greener. No shipping means no delivery trucks.

Instructions for Mac OS

Instructions for Windows PC

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Inkjet printers. Steps:

1) Turn on printer, load in your paper.

2) Submit payment through PayPal.

3) Launch the app and give it permission to run.

4) Enter your code into the Prinstantly dialog box, and click "Print".

*Mac Users. You will likely see this pop-up message: "Prinstantly.jar can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." Simply right-click on the app icon (most likely in Downloads or on your Desktop), then select "Open" from the context menu.


Laser printers: Due to their limitations, and the wide variability of results, we cannot guarantee print quality for users with laser printers. If there is an expert on your laser printer's photo capabilities, it's probably you. To learn more on this topic, read here http://www.photoreview.com.au/tips/outputting/printing-photos-with-a-laser-printer. If you know your laser printer well and/or would like to give it a try, feel free, but please note that refunds won't be given for inadequate results using a laser printer.

Additional Info for Printing

** Ink levels. Most printers are not very precise in gauging how much ink is left inside ink cartridges, and so “Ink Levels” displayed can't always be trusted. If any one of your cartridges is below 8% you're in risky territory and the ink may run out during printing or the print quality may suffer. 8% is a rough estimate, your printer may vary.

** The app must be downloaded before it can be launched. Where it downloads to depends on your system settings. For most of us that place is either the Desktop or in “Downloads”. Just locate it and double-click it. (Or right-click and select “Open”.) In some cases, as with Firefox and Internet Explorer, it can be launched from your browser.

** Java is required to run the printing app. To find out if your computer has Java or to get the latest version - for free - go here: https://www.java.com/

** Air conditioner running? If a large appliance in the same room as your printer turns on or off during the printing process, it may effect the consistency of your print. For best results, turn any such appliance off. Or if it has to be on, make sure it stays on throughout the printing.


This is a first-of-its-kind website, and while the printing app works correctly on all the computers and printers we've tried, there may be exceptions to the rule. For any problem that arises which leads to a less then stellar print, please let us know at .

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